In all my 14+ professional years, I’ve been a PC guy. But these past couple years I’ve started playing with Macs. It began when I did some work on my Mom’s site ( partially in trade for her hand-me-down macintosh. I’d pick it up now and again, mostly to read my email and such while in bed. But as time went on, I became more and more enamored until finally I broke down and bought my first MacBook Pro about a year ago. I’d still divide my time between my PC and MAC, mostly because there was significant friction getting ColdFusion server up and running on my Mac and I just hadn’t wanted to take the time needed to figure it out, until finally I did (thanks CommandBox!).

For the past couple months, I’ve pretty much been on my Mac 99% of the time. In fact, I don’t think I’ve opened my PC for a month now.

In any case, as I use the Mac more and more, I love it more and more. I specifically love how configurable it is. Whenever I experience a frustration, I can usually find a solution. I thought I should probably start to document those solutions, so here’s one.

The Problem:

I prefer chrome as my default browser and love the “Search with Google” functionality you find when you right-click highlighted text, but this always opened up the search results in Safari to spite the fact I’d set Chrome as my default browser. Frustrated, I searched for a solution… and a solution I found. See the references below.



  1. How to force Mac OS to open “Search with Google” in Chrome
  2. How to Remove Services from the Contextual Menu in Mac OS X

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