Hello World Indeed!

I registered geirman.com nearly 13 years ago, May 13th 2000 to be exact. In all that time, it’s mostly been nothing more than an email domain for me. I love that my email address is my firstname@lastname.com. Not many people enjoy that luxury, but not many people have as unique a last name as  me either. Google “geirman” and you’re likely to find pages about me or people I’m related to.

I’ve been in web development since 1998, so geez… 15 years now. During some of that time, this domain has served as my portfolio site. It was never much of one at that. As a web developer, your own site is the last one to get love.

Inspired by all the many great technical/development blogs out there, I thought I’d just start my own, probably mostly about web development topics, which is a renewed interest for me as of late. This past year, I’ve been working on a new company, FrogQuest, which has reintroduced me to my love of web development. Many years ago, I considered it a passion, but then moved up the ranks into management and while I’ve always done some development here and there, I’ve never done so intensely and with purpose as I have lately. And now, I realize, I missed it.

And so, here we go. Let the experiment begin.



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