These are the things I have going on in my life right now.

Updated: April 8, 2016

  • FrogQuest ( – A business I founded and have lots of fun running. Current priorities are to drive Yelp reviews up to 100+. Over halfway there! Working on scaling the architecture as well.
  • React Native OSS Contributions – I’ve been getting more involved, submitting pull requests on github, co-curating the react native newsletter, answering questions on stack overflow and within react native community on facebook, adding product pain points. And I’ve recently been added to the react native task force and volunteered to triage issues. Surprising how much time it consumes.
  • Traveling – I’m on a long, lovely trip in Southeast Asia…paradise!
  • Meetup – Running Full Stack Lunch, San Diego. I’m surprised, but this has turned out to be a very good thing in my life and the lives of those who attend. I’ll keep it up, for now.
  • Health – I need to focus more time on my health, not that I’m unhealthy by the standards of most. I’m just not as healthy as I’d like to be, so more exercise and better eating habits.
  • Up Next – Improve my RabbitMQ, React skills, learn Redux, learn React Native’s Animated, build Mobile App for FrogQuest.

Inspired by Derek Sivers’s Now Page

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